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Micah and Mark Atkinson are a father/daughter duo who are very familiar to the West Virginia musical scene. They have two albums to their credit ;“I Shall Fly” which was released in 2010 and “Land of Broken Angels” released in November of 2016. The first was  produced by Ron Sowell, and the second was co-produced by Ron Sowell and Don Dixon.  A third album will be released later in 2017, also co-produced by Ron Sowell and Don Dixon.

Micah’s soaring vocals are the perfect vehicle to interpret Mark’s heartfelt songs and intricate guitar playing. They have shared the stage with Grammy winner Darrell Scott and Micah has performed with the West Virginia 

Symphony Orchestra on several occasions. Micah graduated from Belmont University in Nashville with a degree in musical theater. Mark is a practicing attorney, specializing in litigation. 


"Land of Broken Angels",  became available November 2016. Click here to receive a copy! 

"I Shall Fly" is the first album  recorded by Micah & Mark. Click here to get your copy today!

Micah & Mark Atkinson


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